If you are looking to take advantage of the British government’s Stamp Duty holiday and maximise the potential income from your property before the viewings begin, there are ways you can quickly add value. Occasionally, there isn’t always the time for lengthy home renovations, nor are there always the funds, and, in these cases, the following improvements will also help.

As with all changes you make to your property, it is essential that you consult with the professionals. Furthermore, if it is the property value that you are working to improve, be sure to involve a trusted surveyor as well as the estate agent involved with your sale. Not only will they be able to offer personalised and local advice on your property’s value but they will be able to inform you of any restrictions that you might encounter too.

Promising you have the go-ahead, and you are ready to get to work, here are four ways to quickly improve the value of your home!

Increase the Square Footage

Square footage, for intents and purposes of the sale, equates to value. Now, it might not seem feasible to increase the square footage of your property quickly, and you would be right to have concerns. To undergo a professional extension requires a substantial amount of work. However, there are other ways.

Log cabins are now replacing sheds, and they are being used as extra rooms, such as guest rooms and offices. These affordable, stylish, and easy to establish garden buildings are an ideal choice to make your property even more desirable. While it is worth checking with your local council about any building limitations, such as height restrictions for those in your garden, cabins are seldom an issue and can be purchased and installed with ease.

Brighten Things Up

Light sells. A bright home, one that welcomes in plenty of natural light, is one that improves our wellbeing and creates an illusion of more space. While you may not have enough time to add more windows or a skylight, you can clean yours and remove any obstructions. By doing so, your home will feel far more welcoming and spacious.

Additionally, you can add more electrical lights. Stylish lamps and better bulbs are a cheaper alternative and many of those viewing your home will want to see how well it can be lit during darker seasons too.

Paint Your Walls and Windows

Over time, we become accustomed to how our homes look. We easily forgive the small details and tend to be unaware of how faded our paintwork is. By repainting your home, even adding a new and fresher layer of white to old window sills, you will vastly improve the impression your property makes on those visiting.

Update the Electrics

Having a house that is technological up-to-date is appealing. Property shoppers are now looking for certain features, such as electric car chargers and smart home devices. While it takes substantial rewiring to install a charging point, there are small additions you can add to your home at the last minute to give the impression of a gadget ready home.

Upgrade your plug sockets to offer USB slots, add wireless charging panels to your counter-tops, and install smart light bulbs that allow your lights to be controlled from a phone. You also have to check all the wirings if they are still in good condition, as well as the appliances. In order to this, make sure to contact professional electricians lakeland FL to check your home.