It will be a traumatic experience to discover that your central air conditioner is not working well in the hot summer weather. If your AC worked correctly before they enter started, it is apt to winterize your AC for the long break to avoid getting it damaged by the snow and ice.

Many AC units get damaged during the winter due to negligence. To avoid possible damage to your AC unit before the summer, follow the tips below to winterize your central air conditioner.

  1. Turn Off the Power

Start with shutting down the power of your central air conditioner to prevent it from turning on automatically during the winter. Also, turning it off well ahead of winter will keep water out of the unit to avoid freezing and damaging the central air conditioner.

  1. HVAC Maintenance

All through the summer, the central air conditioner has been working and collecting dust, dirt and debris. As a result, call a technician good HVAC maintenance to clean and service the unit. Also, ensure to remove leaves, debris, sticks and anything edible that may be near the AC outdoor unit. This is crucial to keep birds, rodents, and insects away from the wires and the unit.

  1. Insulate the Pipes

You must insulate the Pipes of your AC. Cover the pipes properly to protect them against freezing and bursting by the time the temperature drops. Cover the pipes with foam pipe covers, snuggly fig around the pipes. Use duct tape to keep the foam in place. The insulating will protect your pipes throughout and after winter.

  1. Cover the Outdoor Unit

Use a waterproof cover, either vinyl or plastic to cover the HVAC unit. This will keep the unit dry. Ensure that they can cover the HVAC unit completely. If you use a tarp to cover the unit, keep it in place using a vinyl rope or bungee cord.

  1. Inspect the Unit Regularly

You may have covered and protected the HVAC unit against the elements and insects, you still need to inspect the unit every two weeks to ensure that it is still in good condition. Most importantly, when there is bad weather, you should check the HVAC unit and ensure that everything is intact.


Follow the tips above to winterize your central air conditioner. However, keep in mind to contact a professional to carry out HVAC maintenance before you turn off your AC for the winter.