Whether you own a charming little bed and breakfast or rent your apartment out on Airbnb, renovating and refurbishing is in your job description. Naturally, rentals need to be renovated and refurbished from time to time to stay in touch with the current trends and market demand. However, these projects don’t come cheap. That’s why it’s crucial to devise a plan and stick to your budget. We’ve got some tips for you on renovating the critical rooms in your accommodation to attract more guests, so take a look.

Communal Space

If you own or manage a BnB, you probably have one or two communal spaces where guests can relax and hang out. When renovating and decorating communal spaces, there’s quite a lot you have to keep in mind. First of all, the space needs to be big enough for guests to comfortably come and go during the day without overcrowding the area.

We recommend at least two cozy sofas where people can lift their feet, chat with other guests, or read a book. Aside from that, add a couple of chairs or even a bench for additional seating room. Don’t forget to make everything warm and welcoming with a few pillows and throw blankets.

When it comes to the floors, we recommend ambient building products, which are highly durable and convenient for high traffic areas. Finish the decoration with an area rug and a few floor cushions for your furry guests.

Kitchen and Dining

If you already manage an accomodation, you know the kitchen needs to be fully stocked. We’re talking about everything from plates, cutlery, bowls, glasses, mugs, and similar, to small kitchen appliances. Although plain white dinnerware is the easiest choice, it’s not the most appealing one. That’s why you should think about the color scheme of your place and apply that to your kitchen essentials.

We recommend mixing and matching bold and pastel colors or going for a unique look with a little bit of everything. Similarly, your color selection can complement your linens, holders, and other accessories.

For a rental, opt for a convenient table set and add a few foldable chairs that can be stored away when not used. For larger spaces, remember to provide enough seating and tables to accommodate each guest. That’s how you’ll create a pulled-together look that your guests will remember.

Bathroom Essentials

This is where rentals can differ. Apartment rentals can be tricky as some owners don’t feel the need to provide basic toiletries for their guests. However, if you’re not one of them, we recommend going for hotel-size toiletries, like mini shampoo, shower gel, and soap. It won’t affect your budget on a larger scale, and it will mean a lot to your guests.

On the other hand, we recommend having at least two sets of towels to switch out between guests (three are even better). Opt for soft and absorbent towels, as constant washing might wear them off with time. We recommend choosing colors that will complement your bed linens. You can even search for interesting folding techniques online to bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

Outdoor Space

Your renovating project shouldn’t end at the front door. If your BnB or rental space has an outdoor area available to your guests, you might want to focus your attention on that as well. Besides, if your BnB is small, an outdoor area can provide additional space for relaxing and unwinding.

Think of the outdoor area as an extra room and decorate it with that in mind. Bring your style and color scheme outside to make the entire space look larger to the guests. We recommend adding an exterior dining table and seatings that will turn your patio into a dining room. Add some fairy lights to complement those romantic summer nights.

If your BnB comes with a large patio or backyard, you have the perfect outdoor communal space. We recommend installing an outdoor bar or adding a grill that you can fire up a few times a week. Organize some theme nights and invite your guests to join and mingle. You’ll create an inviting and friendly atmosphere that will do wonders for word-of-mouth recommendations.