Instagram is a social networking site that was launched on 6th October 2010. Within two months of launch, more than 1 million users registered on Instagram. It started gaining popularity from the beginning and within 10 years it became one of the leading social media platforms in the world. The number of users of Instagram in 2020 is nearly about 1 billion. Many people only used it for getting more popular. Many people and brands even buy Instagram followers for that matter.

Among 1 billion users, 500 million active users use Instagram story, launched on 2nd August 2016. It is one of the features of Instagram that allows users to post anything like photos or 15 seconds videos which will be up for 24 hours. The aspect ratio of the Instagram story is 9:16. This feature is very useful to drag the audience and increase engagement rates on Instagram. The more you share stories, the more you can interact with your audience.

How To Create Instagram Stories?

If you are following a theme for your Instagram account and you want to post something different that may hamper your theme then you can go for an Instagram story. So if you haven’t created any Instagram stories before and want to learn it then here are the steps.

  • Open your Instagram account and tap on the plus button present on the top left side or in your profile picture.
  • After that, you will be given two options – either click a picture or video by tapping the middle button or you can simply add photos or videos from your gallery by tapping the block in the bottom left side.
  • When you are done with your photo, tap to the “send to” button.
  • After that, tap the share button parallel to your profile picture and your photo or video will be posted as an Instagram story.
  • You can add more than 1 photo or video to your Instagram story at the same time by choosing the photos from the gallery and tap the “next” button and then the same as the 4 points mentioned above.

If you want your stories to be displayed to your audience for more than 24 hours then after posting, open your Instagram story and tap to the “highlight” button at the bottom right side. Put a title on it and then tap the “Add” button. Now your Instagram story will be visible to your audience even after 24 hours of posting in your highlight section, below your description box.

Features of Instagram Stories

To give an attractive look, many features have been added to the Instagram stories. So here is the list of the features of the Instagram story.

  • When you open the Instagram story to post you will get a few buttons on the left side. The first one is “type” that allows you to type a message or caption for your story. You will get up to 9 fonts and many font colors to type your text. The 2nd button is “boomerang” that allows you to convert photos into video loops. The 3rd button is “layout” that allows you to make a collage of your photos. The 4th button is for superzoom that allows you to zoom your videos. The 5th button is hands-free that allows you to take videos without pressing the button for a long time.
  • You will get different effects or filters for your photos and videos by swiping left.
  • After selecting the photos you will get extra features to make your Instagram story more attractive. To get features, click on the middle button at the top left side. There you will get different features like
  1. Stickers- You can get various types of stickers for your story. To add the sticker simply clicks on the sticker you want to add.
  2. Gif – Like stickers, you can add different gifs from the collections simply by tapping on the gif you want to add.
  3. Music – You can add your favorite music in your story by tapping the “music” button and click on the song you want to add.
  4. Polls – You can add polls in your story to interact with your audience and to know their honest opinions.
  5. Question- You can let your audience ask a question or any queries in your story.
  6. Guess – You can let your audience guess something unique or interesting about you or anything.
  7. Countdown – If you are going to launch or do something interesting you can put a countdown feature on your story to let your audience know the exact day and time of it. To add this feature click on the “countdown” button and put time and day.
  8. Apart from these features, there are some features like location, temperature, challenge, hashtag, mention, ratings, and direct message that can be used to make an Instagram story interesting.

Who can view your Instagram stories?

If you have a business account or an account without any privacy then anyone can see your story. If you have a private account then only your followers can see your stories.

Apart from these, there are two ways to control over viewing your Instagram stories.

  1. You can hide some audience whom you don’t want to show your stories. To do this click on your story then tap on the “more” button then click on “story settings”. There you will get a hide option, tap on that button, and select the users whom you want to hide your stories from and then put the enter key.
  2. You can select some of your close persons to watch your stories. To do this, tap on the “close friends” below the hide option and then tap to “get started” and select your close friends by pressing the “Add” button and then click on the “create list”.

If you are a businessman or a blogger or you want to increase your audience then Instagram will be a perfect option for you. Using Instagram stories can help you to promote your business or work as there are millions of users on this platform. So using Instagram stories well can increase your engagement rate and give you more success in your works. Another way people and businesses increase their engagement is by buying Instagram likes. This way, they ensure their post’s reach and get more likes.