Condo renovation can be a tedious task or even impossible if you’re unfamiliar with the rules, permissions, and designs of your condominium. Unlike stand-alone houses, condo renovation requires permission from the condo board. This and many more others are what you need to know before you start renovating a condo. Keep reading to find out more.

  1. Learn the rules

Condos have high restrictions when it involves renovations and modifications. Condo boards all over the country place strict rules preventing occupants from making changes and modifications at will, thus creating a system that requires permission before anyone can execute a condo renovation. Starting a condo renovation without first consulting with the condo board or simply acquiring one’s self with the rules may have dire consequences. And to be noted, every condo has different rules. So, it’s best to learn the rules of a new condo, even if you recently moved in from another condo.

  1. Condo contractors are important

Hiring regular contractors for your condo renovation is a terrible idea. Condos are different from stand-alone houses, thus require specific types of contractors. Condo contractors are familiar with all the peculiarities involving the renovation of condos and are good at making quick decisions and providing good advice. Hiring condo contractors will help you deal with the need for space, as it’s something that is in short supply when it comes to condos.

  1. You’ll be offering up your parking space

Unlike stand-alone houses, you’ll have to pay for parking space in a condo. And such spaces are also limited. Your contractors will need somewhere to park and paying for parking space can be a huge financial burden, especially when the job being done isn’t hugely financially rewarding. This means you’d have to vacant your parking space for every contractor. A down to this is time. You can’t have numerous contractors working simultaneously unless you’re willing to add an allowance for ‘parking space’.

  1. You’ll hire a cleaning company

Anyone can clean but not everyone can efficiently clean a condo. A condo renovation can cause a huge mess of dirt and debris which requires careful management of space to clean. Hiring a competent condo cleaning company will see that your condo is even cleaner than before.

  1. Plan for any delay and expect the worst

Now, this isn’t a call to pessimism. However, plans can be altered or disturbed by small events, and without proper readiness, you’re likely to find yourself lost in the process.