It seems like Sydney has been trapped in an endless La Niña, with plenty of summer rain blessing us with its miserable deluge for what, three years now? But when we are truly blessed with a gorgeous summer’s day, the kind that our stunning Harbour City is famous for, there is absolutely nowhere else in the world one would rather be…

This is why so many Sydney homeowners choose the best landscaping service Northern Beache has available, to create a summer garden that inspires the senses; that welcomes in a golden day and beckons us to kick it in a perfectly-designed garden.

Here are some of the elements of the perfect Sydney garden:

  • The lush lawn

The ideal lawn is an imperative part of any fine Australian garden. It is the place where friends and family congregate over a glass of strawberry-plopped champagne, where mum, dad and the kids wrestle over the footy or create backyard run-scoring rules, and it’s also the expanse that a proud homeowner gazes upon in joy, knowing that they have installed what is truly a superb home garden to enjoy on warm summer arvos.

But laying the perfect lawn is no easy feat, and requires a fair bit of handiwork that can be out of scope for would-be home DIYers who have never tried such a job before! The best landscaping service Northern Beaches has available will ensure that the most crisp, luscious and inviting lawn possible is laid with finesse, giving you the perfect place to kick off any summer festivities.

  • The pergola

The pergola is such an underrated garden appendage, with its charming columns and overhanging rafters providing the perfect home for some seriously beautiful foliage to engulf it in the warmer months. What’s more, it makes for the perfect place to kick back, relax and enjoy a barbie with your family and friends.

With plenty of shade growing above and round you in the form of climbers, roses, vines – whatever – you will find that the pergola is not only a beautiful investment for the home, but it’s also one that will provide ongoing comfort even on those scorching days.

  • The pool

Ahh, the great Aussie pool, the saviour on days when it’s simply too toasty to bother dragging ourselves down to the beach. Where would the great Aussie home be without the old concrete waterhole there to refresh our senses and invigorate our spirits?

Whether hanging out on the side, taking in some fresh summer sun, cannonballing in a way that makes mum scream from the kitchen or simply wading around and enjoying how good cool water feels on a ghastly hot summer’s day, the pool is what makes many Aussie homes that little bit more bearable when the sun seems to be sitting right above our heads…

  • The outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is every Aussie entertainer’s dream, providing a place to whip up delicious meals for our friends and family on some of the best holidays of the year. Yes, we are quite lucky to have Chrissy and New Year’s fall in the summer months, and this is quite conducive to installing an outdoor kitchen complete with all the amenities like cooktops, wok, bar fridge etc.

If your garden has these four essential elements, you can be sure that your home will be a joyous place to spend a glorious sunny afternoon with the people you care about most!