You’ll never know when the apocalypse will break out. Just like the movies, there could be some breaking and entering that would ensue. There could also be a ‘The Purge’ scenario where you’d have to enforce military-grade security in your own home.

It’s a little far-fetched, yes, but one thing is constant in these extreme scenarios: home security. In these unprecedented times, global events have become unpredictable. It’s a source of worry and anxiety for some people. Now that people are stuck at home, home security should be as fool-proof as possible.

Energy backup

A lot of security devices are powered by electricity: CCTV, alarms, etc. When the energy is out, there’s a massive chance these lines of defense will be down as well.

In movies, this is the best opportunity for the bad guys. They won’t be seen and recorded. The automated locks can easily be opened. Alarms won’t break loose. Plus, the worst things can happen in the dark.

Hence, having a home battery can keep up the home’s security features in cases of blackouts. This will serve as a backup energy source, enough to power the important parts of the home, so your safety is not compromised.

Take advantage of timers

There’s usually a debate on whether to keep the lights on or off to drive away robbers. The thing is: it’s situational.

Leaving the lights on all day when you’re out on vacation gives it away to robbers. It means people in the household are most likely away because no one’s present to turn off the lights.

What signals that people are around is the cycle of turning on and off of lights. When people are in the house, different rooms and appliances will be active. Someone could be watching TV in the living room. Another person could be blasting music in one of the bedrooms.

To mimic this activity, timers are incredibly useful. Consider setting electronics and lights to have a cycle of activity where there are times of the day when the TV is blasting and lights in the rooms are turned on.

Close the blinds and lock the doors

It’s subject to discussion on a lot of forums on the internet: Should you leave the blinds closed or open when you sleep? Unlike Guinevere Beck in the Netflix Series, You, the blinds in your home should stay shut in the evening.

Burglars would usually study a place before breaking in. This means they would want to know as much as they can about the inside of the home. This includes appealing items in the house that they would want to steal.

It also enforces privacy on vulnerable moments, especially when you’re sleeping. The fear of having someone staring at you from your window in the middle of the night is not entirely irrational.

The house should be your safe space where you can put your guard down, sit back, and relax. It’s not only protection for you and the people in the house but also precious belongings that you worked so hard to achieve.