Great homes come with great structures and most often, rather than not, a great set of windows and doors as well. Now, when you get an amazing deal on a house with perfect doors, you can spend decades living there without paying a second glance at the front door to see if it is due for a change. Most people would renovate their homes at least twice before considering their doors, forgetting the fact that the doors bear a lot of the effects of the weather and are susceptible to wear-and-tear. In case you have started wondering, let’s get straight to the point. Here is how you know that it is time for a new front door!

  • Duration of use

The first and most important thing to consider is the lifetime of usage of your doors. Depending on the material of the door and your local weather, the wear on your door might be greater than expected. If the duration of use, from installation to the present, goes beyond five years, it may warrant getting the doors looked at by a professional. Especially, if you would be needing a replacement.

  • Damaged hinges

In the process of opening and closing your doors, there can be some form of looseness in the back and forth motion. This loose structure could be as a result of broken hinges that have been damaged from the door and frame. If your doors’ hinges are loosening or broken, it could be a potential risk to security and safety, leading to more damage, which just lets you know that it is time to get a new front door.

  • Damaged Frame

From pest infestation to the weather elements, there are several factors that can cause damage to your doorframe. To avoid the frame completely giving way and crashing the entire door, be sure to get a new door as soon as you spot any damage in the fame of your doors.

  • Changes in the climate

The front doors bear the brunt of weather changes and intense temperatures like heat/snow storms, which reduces the quality of the material, leading to wear and tear. If you get forecasts that the weather conditions are changing rapidly and harshly, it is important to get a new front door for better insulation and protection of your home.

  • Reduced quality of material

After years of use, it is only expected that the material of your doors begin to run down and reduce in energy efficiency and other benefits. When you start noticing this, it means that your doors are not sustainable anymore and if they are old, they aren’t serving aesthetic purposes either. The best thing you can do is take it as a sign to get a replacement.

If you find yourself wondering if it is time for a new front door, it probably is. Contact your local windows and doors company to get a replacement for your front door installed by a professional.