If you are investing in window replacement for your home, you can choose from various window styles. Generally, single-hung and double-hung windows are two of the best options that you have. They are traditional windows that are commonly found in many homes across the country.

While both window styles are great for your building, you have to decide the one that is best for your home. And this leads us to the comparison of these two options.

Single-hung windows are more affordable

The first point of comparison is the cost of purchasing and installing these two types of windows. Typically, you will have to spend more on buying and installing a double-hung window of the same size and style as a single-hung window. It has been estimated that you will spend about $100 to $300 on each single-hung window while a double-hung window will set you back by around $400 to $600.

Even when it comes to installation, you still need to spend more on double-hung windows. So, if you are looking for affordable window replacement, don’t hesitate to choose single-hung windows.

Double-hung windows are easier to clean and maintain

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, double-hung windows are clear winners. You can clean both panels of each double-hung window from inside your house. However, the reverse is the case for single-hung windows.

Since the upper panel of a single-hung window cannot tilt inside, you cannot clean it from inside of your home. Therefore, you will clean the bottom while inside your home and then go outside to clean the upper panel. Single-hung windows that are not on the first floor of a building can be even more difficult to clean as you will need a ladder and extra tools to clean them.

Single-hung windows are more energy-efficient

Because single-hung windows don’t have a lot of moving parts, they are known to be more energy-energy efficient than their double-hung counterparts. However, it is worthwhile to note that both single-hung and double-hung windows still leak air.

Double-hung windows provide more ventilation

When using a double-hung window, you can open both halves of the window. Hence, breezes can come into your home without much hindrance. However, it is not so for a single-hung window as you can only open its bottom half. Resultantly, air will not be able to come through the upper panel.

So, if ventilation is a major concern for you during your window replacement project, you should go for double-hung windows.

Single-hung windows are sometimes more secure

If you don’t lock your double-hung window properly, its upper panel can be pulled down by gravity. Consequently, the windows will not be closed properly, and criminals or creepers may come into your home. But single-hung windows are free from such a safety issue.

Nonetheless, if you can always ensure that the upper panel of your double-hung window is locked adequately, this will not be a concern for you.

Double-hung windows are available in several designs and finishes

Are you looking for a window style that is available in different finishes and designs? A double-hung window is a great option for your window replacement. Although single-hung windows are also made with different materials, you have more options of materials, designs, and finishes with double-hung windows.

Which is better?

As shown above, each window style has some advantages over the other. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with choosing either double-hung windows or single-hung windows for your window replacement.