Water damage is one of the disasters no homeowner prays to experience. However, it can happen at any time due to the weather. Water damage can result from flash floods, heavy storms, hurricanes, or plumbing problems. Whatever may be the cause of water damage, acting promptly by calling a water damage restoration company is the way to go.

However, there are a few things to know about water damage that will assist you in making the right decision if it happens in your home. Below are 5 things you need to know about water damage.

  1. Types of Water Damage and Handling

Water damage can be grouped into three categories and four classes of water damage:

Categories of Water Damage

  1. Clean Water – This is water seepage from a sanitary water source. It does not pose any serious threats.
  2. Grey Water – Usually from a toilet bowl containing urine without feces. It can be caused by a sump pump failure, water discharge from the washer or dishwasher, or rainwater that seeps into the home.
  3. Black or Toxic Water – This is highly contaminated water containing toxigenic, pathogenic, and other harmful agents.

It is important to contact a professional water damage restoration company for categories 2 and 3.

Classes of Water Damage

Water damage is classified into four classes:

Class 1: Slow Evaporation Rate – Affects just a room with materials with low porosity or permeance

Class 2: Fast Evaporation Rate – Affects the entire room involving cushion, carpet, and the walls but not more than 24 inches

Class 3: Fastest Evaporation Rate – The water comes from overhead covering the entire area, including walls, insulation, ceilings, cushion, carpet, etc.

Class 4: Specialty Drying Situations – Affects low porous materials like hardwood floors, crawlspace, concrete, and plaster.

  1. Health and Safety

Each water damage is different and must be carefully assessed with the removal monitored to ensure compliance with the industry’s best standards. In view of this, it will be best to hire a professional water damage restoration company. Be careful when entering the water as it can expose you to hazards.

  1. Inspection

Water damage should be inspected during the day and efforts to mitigate it carried out during daylight hours and never at night or in the dark. Immediately you perceive the odour of gas, leave the home. Keep the electrical breaker off and tape it down to avoid accidentally switching it on.

  1. Demolition and Decontamination

If the remediation involves little demolition, follow the industry’s best standards and procedures. Throw the windows open to allow air circulation. Remove wet materials. Vacuum the contaminated surfaces using the right equipment.

To decontaminate the room, use a hose and vacuum the entire surface. Wash the affected materials and use apply disinfectant cleaner or bleach solution. A water damage restoration company knows the right Procedure to follow to achieve the best decontamination results.

  1. Hire a Restoration Company

If your home has been damaged by water, hiring a water damage restoration company is the best decision you can take to mitigate the impact of the damage. The company has specialized equipment and experienced personnel to help clear the mess, remove damaged materials, decontaminate your home, dry the home and restore your home.


Do not leave anything to chances. Let a professional water damage restoration company fix the water damage in your home. This will prevent further issues after restoring the home.