Aside from great doctors and the accessibility of health care services, it’s well known that a positive attitude and environment are key to promoting a healing atmosphere for patients. While large windows, supportive seating and appropriate lighting all add to the good vibes of a facility, commercial wallcoverings contribute a considerable amount to a healing environment since most people notice the walls first.

In addition to the overall mood of the space, there are a few other important aspects to consider including the specific type, color, pattern, function and material backing of the wallpaper as well as the budget you’re working with. Because hospitals and treatment centers usually experience exceptionally high foot traffic and need to be able to withstand strong commercial cleaning regiments, the Type II wallcovering distinction is important for these selections as it categorizes the durability, fire safety rating and size of the product to be installed.

Here we’ve listed out 4 of the best designs for creating a positive healing environment in a hospital, clinic or treatment center:

Flexiweave Exhale by Koroseal

The Flexiweave Exhale is a heavy-duty vinyl commercial wallcovering by Koroseal that would add a naturally textured feel to any high traffic hospital hallway, lobby or waiting room. The familiar and nostalgic pattern design will give your space an inviting sense of openness. Rated Class A under ASTM E-84 standards, the washable wallcovering will also save thousands of dollars every year in labor and upkeep expenses compared to a traditionally painted wall.

Olivia Stripes by Seabrook

What better way to brighten up a space than with a natural-toned yellow, green or blue commercial wallpaper? Perfect for a hospital waiting room or a children’s treatment center, Olivia Stripes by Seabrook will bring a burst of soothing color and texture to the room. Vinyl based and rated Class A under ASTM E-84 standards, this design also naturally insulates spaces saving the facility on operating costs in addition to looking great for the long run in comparison to regular paint.

Array by Koroseal

Straight from Koroseal’s hospitality collection is the Array collection that features softly textured horizontal stripes in natural tones of cream, taupe, beige, green and blue. Offering a wide selection of soft and comforting tones, this collection is again vinyl-based and Type II making them extremely durable and perfect for high traffic areas like a hospital waiting area or lobby.

Walltalkers by Koroseal

Help the staff of a healthcare facility stay organized and on top of their tasks with the Walltalkers collection by Koroseal. Vinyl based, Type II and Class A ASTM E-84 certified, the entire collection is dry-erase marker friendly and is available in a number of different designs mimicking everything from graph paper to a blank whiteboard. Some of these designs are even safe to use with magnets in order to help keep patient forms and files organized.

When it comes to designing spaces for high traffic facilities like hospitals and treatment centers, it’s important to also consider the overall operating costs of said facilities and considering a commercial wallpaper that can ease that burden. Because the commercial wallcoverings are just one small part of the road to recovery for the many patients that will eventually find their way to the facility for treatment.