Has the thought ever crossed your mind that your home is missing that home feeling? Investing time and energy into your place of living can produce great results. A home is something that requires attention to detail, sweat equity, and some TLC. It is often at times we get caught up in our day to day lives that we forget about the small details of the place we like to spend most of our time. It may be startling to find out, but the element that is missing from your home to make it a home potentially could be accent chairs

Why your home needs accent chairs 

Accent chairs are an element to the house that can make all the difference in atmosphere and feeling. Something so simple can be the main subject of a room that can transition a conversation from wrong to the right or bring a somber mood to the point of happiness. From different sizes, designs, colors, and fabric, the correct accent chair can be the game-changer that one needs. Accent chairs have the purpose of bringing the existing decor of a room to a focal point, which sets the mood for that particular room or maybe the entire home. 

Specific furniture can set the tone for many things, including the ambiance between you and your significant other or the game night with your friends. 

Choosing the right accent chair 

Choosing the right accent chair to make a specific room pop should be a fun task. The ability to select an accent chair gives the homeowner the ability to be creative, and how often does that happen? Below are a couple of notes I take when determining what type of accent chairs are going to be purchased. 

  •   What color paint does the room have?

The rooms paint color is important because it reflects the mood and sets the stage for other elements to come together. If one has light or monotone colors, you may want to choose a darker shade of accent chair. If the room has darker elements in it already, maybe the accent chair should have a big dose of brightness to it. The option to choose which pieces to set gives the homeowner the ability to set the tone for the specific room or even the entire house. It is essential to spend some time on this subject because something so simple could potentially be the element that sparks that conversation with a new friend or business partner or maybe even something that brings a family together. 

  • What type of flooring is in place

The kind of flooring is essential because different floors provide different atmospheres and tones. For instance, if one has hardwood floors, they may not want to choose large hardwood accent chairs that could get muddied in the overall look of the room. If a room has a beautiful white carpet for its flooring, maybe one would choose to go with a soft fabric accent chair, which complements the room but doesn’t blend. The beauty in this is that it is all up to the individual. There are no right or wrong answers, and sometimes you have to move forward with what you think is right, and six months later you realize, it is no longer right for you.

  •   Other decor and room elements  

 Not only does one have to take into consideration the paint color and the flooring but also the other decor and features that exist in the room. It is crucial to write out your goal that is desired to be achieved for any room before moving forward with the purchasing of your accent chairs. If the time is instituted to consider what the carpet and paint colors are, but you leave out your drape color and end tables, one may not get the results they are looking for, and something that was meant to bring the room together does the exact opposite. 

In the grand scheme of things, it may not seem overall essential to take the time to plan accordingly on accent chairs. The difference that the process of investing your time into the decision will be evident. When you sit in that living room on those beautiful accent chairs, and your neighbor asks the question, where did you find these chairs? Followed by the statement, these chairs bring the room together. That will be worth it alone to know that the time you took would all be worth it. Accent chairs are meant to be a focal point for a room or a conversation topic for any home gathering. They can either completely take away from what one is trying to portray or be the light that ignites the flame of beautiful decor and a major focal point. No matter what choice is decided on, it is essential to make sure accent chairs do what is in the name, which is accent who you are as a person and shows the world that inner beauty.