Wood floors are a popular choice across homes of different styles. The versatile flooring option is popular for its good looks and practicability, bringing a sense of warmth to the home.

As a natural material, wood flooring makes a statement in every space. As such, many homeowners wonder how to decorate with wood floors. Well, since wood is so prominent, choose furniture, wall colors, and furniture that coordinate with it.

Use these design tricks to incorporate your style with the timeless appeal of wood flooring.

  1. Choose a Complementary Color Scheme

Selecting the right color palette is the trickiest part of decorating with wood floors. But how do you know the colors that blend with your flooring?

Well, start by checking the wood material’s undertone. In most cases, wood has subtle hints of red, yellow, orange, brown, or gray within its finish. Once you know the underlying hue, use the principles of color when to determine the colors that complement this flooring.

For instance, shades of blue help with orange or yellow tones. Green works magic against brown coloring.

  1. Vary Furniture and Accessory Materials

Yes, you love wood flooring.  But that doesn’t mean you completely clad your home with wood furnishings. No! instead, incorporate a wide range of materials within your furniture and accessories.

Wood flooring pairs with an array of other materials like leather, woven fabrics, painted surfaces, concrete, metal, among others. You can bring them in through accent furniture, wall décor, and upholstery seating. Use wood accents in small ways like on furniture legs or picture frames to bind the room together.

  1. Opt for Timeless Designs and Textures

As a homeowner, you want to get the best out of your beautiful interior. Be bold with your accents. Opt for a piece of furniture that boasts a timeless design and modern features to emphasize comfort and aesthetics.

here’s what you need to know:

  • Leather is among the timeless materials that work for any type of wood flooring
  • You’re free to experiment with fabric furniture like a fabric bed frame in your bedroom
  • Ensure the piece is modular and one that’s easily movable in the room. Otherwise, you risk scratching the beautiful wood flooring.
  1. Lighten Up Dark Floors

Does your home possess dark wood floorings? Use clever ways to pull light into your room. For instance, you can use white painted walls, patterned area rugs, or white painted walls to provide a rich contrast.

Further, opt for window treatments that allow more natural light to the room.


Most people think that choosing wood flooring is as easy as selecting the style and color that’s appealing to you. It’s more than this.

There are other several considerations to make for the flooring to work with space. With so many finishes, different styles, and colors to choose from, it can seem like a daunting task. Now imagine looking for a piece of ideal furniture to complement every area.

Use the above tips to match a wood flooring with the right furniture style to accentuate your floors perfectly and elevate aesthetic appeal.