The pool deck is constantly exposed to water and therefore makes it vulnerable to damage which starts with cracks. Pool decks are also exposed to bad weather all year round; hence the cracks not only get bigger from being exposed to pool water but also the harsh weather. Any paint coating may be broken down by the sun, while the ice and cold will make the cracks get bigger. The cracks allow water penetration into the underlying soil, which leads to the loosening up of the slab from where it is being held. It is, therefore, beneficial to ensure that the pool deck is waterproof.

Process of polls deck waterproofing

Protect and prevent further damage

It is important to start sealing and waterproofing the deck as soon as possible. To start the protection process, you can start by coating with UV inhibitors, which will offer protection against the sun rays on the deck. Put a rubberised protective membrane that will assist in shielding the surface of the deck and offer slip and fall protection. If the cracks are caught early before they become bigger, they can be repaired and the waterproofing coating put on to prevent further damage.

Crack repair

If the cracks get too large, you might opt for concrete crack repair and the structural strengthening process of the pool deck. The cracks are sealed, and the crack area is reinforced to prevent further crack movement. Carbon fiber stitches ensure that the concrete does not continue to move. Another approach used is the polyurethane injection expanding foam put in the crack before the stitches are put in. The foam is applied on both dry and wet areas, and it does not offer the strength needed to prevent the cracks from getting any further; hence stitches are needed.

Prevent cracks before they are formed

The pool deck waterproofing process starts with preventing any cracks from forming. It is determined by how the concrete is placed. A good concrete technician will do a good job placing the concrete so that its life span will be longer, even with waterproofing scheduled for later. The best person who would know about the concrete and the environment it is being placed in is the contractor. Depending on where you are, you can source deck resurfacing and repair contractors. If you are in Orange County, you can check out the Pool deck resurfacing orange county, and then you can have options to choose from whether your pool deck is already damaged or not.

Putting protective pool coating

After the right concrete has been placed in the right way, putting a protective coating is important, like a knockdown texture that will not only protect the deck but also cool it off when it is hot. Polymers offer flexible coatings that offer high water-resistant options and come in various coatings. Most pool coatings can be applied on old or new coating hence allowing for pool deck resurfacing. The texture coating allows you to hide major flaws on your deck. How much you will need to redo the coating will depend on the traffic in your pool.