According to Mark Roemer Oakland, it is necessary to do your due research and consider many important factors when choosing a roof installation contractor. Installing a new roof is very expensive and you cannot settle for a service provider that doesn’t do their job perfectly if you want to avoid premature failure and prevent safety hazards.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to choose the right roof installation contractor:

  1. Check their reputation – Before you choose any roofing contractor, it is critical to check their online reputation by inspecting the reviews and ratings on popular review sites. We recommend you check Google and sites such as Top Rated Local, Angie’s List, and The BBB since these are neutral review sites.

Remember to pay close attention to the pattern of the reviews. For instance, you should avoid contacting companies that have too many negative reviews indicating they lack proper communication, experience, or provide cheap materials.

It is also important to visit their official website and read the ‘about us’ page to understand the experience, service record, and track record of the company to get a better understanding of the company.

  1. Ensure they have the proper licenses, certificates, and insurance – It is crucial to verify the insurance coverage of the roofing contractors and verify whether they have the necessary licenses and certificates to make them eligible for such work.

Proper insurance coverage will protect you and the roofing contractor against any type of accident that could happen while working on your property. Otherwise, the liability can fall on you.

Thus, before hiring the services of any roofing contractor, ask them to produce all the necessary documents and skip choosing them if they cannot show them or deny you that courtesy. It is also necessary to ensure that all the documents they produce are up-to-date.

  1. Consider the scope of the work – Not all roofing contractors are equally adept at providing different types of services. Some are known for using high-quality materials while others are known to offer high-quality service and after-sales help.

Thus, it is important to discuss the scope of work and ask them about their work process. For instance, enquire how they will handle the installation of the roof to protect it against tropical storms, heavy rains, high humidity, or even hurricanes. Ask them about the roofing materials they offer and the different levels of protection such materials offer.

  1. Consider the cost of the project – The cost of the project is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a roofing contractor. Thus, be sure to get a bid or estimate from several different roofing contractors to get a proper idea of the total cost of the project.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you consult your friends and neighbors to ask for their suggestions when choosing popular roofing contractors in your area. If many of your friends or neighbors suggest you use the same roofing contractor and they were happy with their service, it can be a good idea to choose them as well.